Spots Or Spills


Don’t Panic!

  • Quickly grab a towel: whatever is closest - kitchen, bath or paper. Drop towel over spill and step on it transferring the liquid to the towel. Repeat until the liquid is absorbed.
  • Repeating the above process adding small amounts of clear water will serve to rinse.
  • If you must use a spotting solution after you have blotted dry and rinsed dry --- use it SPARINGLY.

How Often Should I get My Carpets Professionally Cleaned ?

  • For active households the rule of thumb is usually annually. Some high traffic businesses are on a monthly basis.
  • If you are making CLEAN spots while routine spotting, clean it now!
  • Keep in mind mineral soil is abrasive and without proper maintenance (vacuuming regularly) the carpet fibers may be getting damaged.
  • Many warranties require professional cleaning every 18 months.

How Often Should I Vacuum? (15).jpg
  • Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum is to the cleaning industry what –Location Location Location is to the Real Estate Industry.
  • Proper maintenance of carpet requires routine vacuuming of carpets and upholstered furniture.
  • Mineral soil can do to fibers what sandpaper does to anything (scratch and abrade).

What Should I Do Prior To Cleaning?

  • Please remove small furniture, knickknacks, lamps and other breakables prior to our cleaning.
  • If you are having us clean under your furniture we will use either plastic tabs or Styrofoam blocks to prevent any furniture stains or rust stains.
  • It is best to keep children and pets off of the cleaned areas until the carpet is dry.
  • We offer discounts if your carpet vacuumed prior to steam cleaning carpet.

How Long Will My Carpets Take To Dry? (17).jpg
  • Drying times will vary depending on many different factors. Usually it is a matter of a few hours with good ventilation and the heat elevated.
  • Very little drying takes place at temperatures in the home or business at less than 70 degrees F. So basements in the summer with the heat off may take longer.
  • We offer free use of carpet dryers overnight as long as you return them to us the next day. A drop-off shed is provided for your convenience. We are located about 2 blocks away from the hospital. 2010 Lisga Street,Fairbanks

What About Urine Stains?

  • Urine contamination can be dealt with in multiple ways.
  • Yes, we are able to neutralize, flush, rinse and deodorize subsurface urine contamination to a degree.
  • Minimal spots can simply be neutralized and rinsed out with normal cleaning.
  • The use of an ultraviolet light will reveal the extent of the damage. The rooms need to be darkened for this light to work.
  • For extensive damage: replacement of carpet and pad is recommended. Plus, the subfloor must be examined, disinfected and sealed or in the worst case scenario plywood may need to be replaced.

What About Protectants?

We exclusively use Scotchgard.

  • Scotchgard protector keeps your carpet and upholstery looking good longer.
  • Your carpet and upholstery are easier to clean.
  • Dry soil is easily vacuumed away, and spills can be spot cleaned more easily than unprotected carpet or upholstery.
  • Scotchgard protector provides lasting protection and resists soil even after heavy traffic and frequent vacuuming.